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1. What is your age and time zone?   A: 16, my time zone is Pacific Standard Time (PST). 2. Do you have previous experience on a build team?   A: I do have experience building with others but on a build team; sadly no. 3. What would you consider your specialty in building? (example: terraforming, houses, environment)   A: I'd say I'm more of an all-rounder but I prefer doing houses.   4. Are you familiar with building plugins such as world edit?    A: I am familiar with world edit.   5. How active can you be on the server and discord?   A: I'm usually on discord for long periods of time, despite my status being invisible.   6. Link your portfolio here. My Builder Portfolio (Bit rushed)   About You 7. How comfortable are you with talking in a voice-chat with other staff members? A: Give or take 4-5 days, anything after that is probably my house being loud since I don't have an actual mic.    8. How comfortable are you working with a team? A: It's a new experience, so I can't say too comfortable nor uncomfortable.    9. Do you have any hobbies? A: Coding and developing (short-scaled and for a different game) I guess.    10. Anything else? Tell us more about you or any other thoughts you may have! N/A
about 1 month ago